1. River Chinese Band Predecessor

Group PhotoRiver Chinese Band was formerly known as the River Arts, established on July 16, 2004.

The main activities were focus on Chinese arts and music instruments i.e. to provide erhu training and music appreciation. The music instruments training time was every Saturday from morning 10am to noon time at the hall hired from Salvation Army Church. (Waverley Corp), our erhu teachers were Jit Gung Liu, Richard Ng, Run Lin Fu, Xiao Li Xu. All our training erhu teachers were volunteers to cultivate each student who love Chinese music and gathered together.

At that time, the youngest student was only 9 years old and the oldest was 96 years old. River Arts is completely a not for profit cultural organization. The erhu student pay only A$80 fee for every six months for using the church as a training venue, refreshments and utilities expenses.

In July 2008, the River Arts added Chinese Guzheng instrument class, the teacher was Hong Lui. At that time the total number of two sections students had more than 30. Since 2007, the River Arts began to integrate into River Artistic Performances and obligation to raise funds for Salvation Army Corp. under the name of “Chinese Violin Band". In addition to regular concerts, our teachers and students also involved in the annual Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal; external fund-raising, a door knocking and performance activities in Christmas at Glen Waverley shopping center supermarket for fund raising performances. The following are some of the activities in the program showed in YouTube video recording.

2009年Glen Centro圣诞节华夏电视采访 (2009年 Glen Centro Christmas Chinese television interview)
赛马演奏 Horse Racing
奔驰在草原上 Racing on the Grassland
求主给我一颗心 Lord give me your heart

2. Incorporate “River Jiang Arts”

Moon Festival Chinese ConcertOn July 13, 2011, incorporated by the Richard Ng jointly with Run Lin Fu, Hong Lui, Kim Tai and Zhi Qiao Fang, registered in the name of "River Jiang Arts Inc." society and performance trading as River Chinese Band. It is still a not for profit, non-political and non-religious group. River Jiang Arts aim is to:

(1) Conducting and promoting Chinese traditional and folk music in Australia

(2) Through rehearsals and performances, allow overseas Chinese to enjoy music and to enhance the quality of life and health;

(3) Attempts to cross-border integration of Chinese and Western music, prompting more Western audience love and learning music.

In June 2012, Australia China 31 television news station broadcasted River Chinese Band 澳洲中华电视ZHTV

In March 2013 was our first published “Chinese Small Band Music Book” by our music director, RunLin Fu《小型乐队实用曲谱

In September 2013, River Chinese Band invited China Former Shanghai movie orchestra erhu player, Yu Hui Zhen to Melbourne to solo on the 15th of September in Clayton Hall.

Then, in the autumn September 19, 2013, the River Chinese Band acted as host ushered for CHINA CONSERVATORY OF NATIONAL ORCHESTRA led by the famous China professor Song Fei for mutual Chinese cultural exchange with Australia.

River Chinese Band mates had fully support the Song Fei concert and watched the concert show at Melbourne Town Hall

In 2014 February Lunar Horse Year, River Chinese Band held Springvale multicultural concert and invited the former Shanghai Chinese Orchestra famous erhu player, Mr. Zi Tang Guo to perform Gaohu piece "The Lark " 出名的前上海民族乐团二胡演奏家郭子棠先生参加演出“云雀” . The concert event also invited a small number of ethnic dancer and dance together with River’s members. 少数名族舞蹈团和江河共舞

In July 2014, River Chinese Band held the third anniversary celebration concert at Cambodia Friendship Association 江河中乐社假借柬华联谊会举行成立三周年庆典

In 2014 and 2015, respectively River Chinese Band also held a "2014 Mother's Day Concert ", "2014 Father's Day Concert " and "2014 Mid-Autumn Festival Concert". In 2015, our Concerts partner was “Jin Han dance Academy”. They participated in two-dance show "Chinese Classical Dance" and "solo Dance." 2015

China Overseas Consul General in Melbourne, Mr. Zhang Xiao Tao and Cultural Consul Madam Ho and Xiao Chen respectively had watched the River performance "2012 Dragon Concert" and "2013 Australia Day Concert" and “2016 Fifth Anniversary Celebration Concert” also the majority of the audience, community groups and government organizations alike. After six years continuous exploration and improvement activities, RCB has cultivated and foster a large number of plucking and strings students and were invited to perform in Nazareth College, Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak, Box Hill Kingswoods College, Glen Waverley Secondary College, Chinese Museum, Parliament House of Victoria and many other places.

River Chinese Band also organized concerts comprising dozens of performance activity as follow:

"2011 The Sound of River Concert"
"2012 Dragon year SBS Radio at Box Hill Square concert"
"2012 Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year Indoor Concert"
"2012 Chinese Classical Music Concert"
"2012 Dragon Boat Concert"
"2012 September Mid-Autumn Festival Chamber Music"
"2012 City Life-Chinese church Christmas Concert"
"2013 Australia Day Concert"
"2013 Easter Indoor Concert"
"2013 River second anniversary celebration concert"
"2013 Mid-Autumn Festival concert"
"2014 Springvale Horse Year multicultural performance"
"2014 Mother's Day Concert"
"2014 July Third Anniversary Celebration Concert"
“2015 East meet West Christmas Three Concerts
“2016 July Fifth Anniversary Celebration Concert”
“2017 Melbourne Young Musician String Contest”
“2017 Early Mid-Authum Festival Concert”
“2017 August Six Anniversary Concert”
“2018 New Year Glen Waverley Community Centre Concert”
“2018 Chinese Dog Year Concert at Casey, Narre Warren”


3. Tax Deductible Donation

On 31 July 2013, River Jiang Arts was endorsed and approved by Australia’s Ministry of Cultural Organisation and listed in the Australian Government Registered Cultural organisations and also been registered with Australian Cultural Organisation and therefore the principal activities of River Jiang Arts’ Fund in Australia is under the Australian Taxation Act and donation of $2 and above are 100% exempted from the taxpayer’s taxable income.


4. Letter of Support and Commence from the following

Letter from Hong Lim

Letter from Collin Bock

5. Upcoming Concerts and Events

  • Dragon Boat Festival Show
    Venue: Castle Hall
    Address: Hemmings Park, Princes Hwy, Dandenong, VIC 3175
    Date and Time: Saturday, 2nd June 2018 2PM - 5PM

  • 7th Anniversary Melody Concert
    Venue: Clayton Hall
    Address: Cooke Street, Clayton, VIC, 3168
    Date and Time: Sunday, 8th July 2018 2:30pm- 4:30pm

6. Conclusion

image1The RCB prominent music features are " Everlasting Homeland Affectionate " and full of classic ancient tone, gentle and elegant sound. The first feature is the sound burst out the Chinese rhyme. The second feature is " fine art ". Many of the RCB’s concert proved that via many years of teaching in strings and plucking instruments exhibit our musical talent teachers and artists. The Sound of River tone and the Chinese rhyme who are the majority of Chinese most concerns, and also other ethnic groups audience, friends, communities and all levels of government are looking forward to The Sound of River music soaring into the future . The Sound of River is now forging ahead a rising star in Melbourne City and Victoria renowned music and artist stars!