Erhu – Richard Ng

richard_ngDuring 1968 to 1973 Richard Ng was a trumpet player in Singapore Chung Cheng High School Brass Band. The band conductor was Jian Jiping. Each year’s Youth Festival the school took part in the national high school brass band competition. The late Prime Minister Lee Kwang Yew had inspected the school band’s team several times. His eldest son, Lee Hsian Long, was a claret player in the school band and also a head of the band at the Catholic High School. Richard also took part in River Chinese Arts in off campus。 After graduating from high school, he joined the compulsory two and a half years national service and was sent to Southern Taiwan HengChun once in the first 1975 and second in 1981 during reservist to participate the starlight military exercises. At the beginning of 75, he had been recruited into the Military Chinese Orchestra and began to play Chinese Viola. In 1995, Lee Hsian Long (then Deputy Prime Minister) called for the establishment of a professional Singapore Chinese Orchestra after the dissolution of the Military Chinese Orchestra. The Government allocated $5 million as a foundation fund from the outset. Singapore Chinese Orchestra is now one of the world’s most professional Chinese Orchestra. Http:// After the 90’s, where the global alumni gathering in Singapore, Xie Wansen, the president of Singapore will invite few of us, NU alumni music players, to provide some of the music program. After migrate to Australia and get acquainted with a few music interested friends to set up a River Chinese Band to spread the culture of Chinese music, nurturing students in the cradle of art, a music base and sharing music rhythms as in heaven!