Erhu – Mr. Fu

Alina_Fu_John-photo-0021Mr. Fu graduated from the famous Xinyang of Henan Teachers Training University in China, specializing in the Chinese language and literature and with a minor subject in music theory. For a long time, he served as an artistic director of the Xinyang Teacher Training University, Students Art Ensemble, Beijing Opera Ensemble performer of jinghu and violin, Textile Dancing Ensemble dulcimer performer cum orchestra conductor, music director for life Veteran Art Ensemble, Shanghai QingYang Chinese stringed orchestra and the China Hangzhou Qiantang Chinese orchestra mainly playing the erhu. He played the second part of the erhu and also a music arranger.

Mr. Fu has an outstanding musical talent and ability to teach in a different number of music areas, arranger of orchestration, rehearsal conductor, music training, opera accompaniment, fusion and high attainments of Chinese and Western music, he is also able to play the violin, dulcimer, accordion and other instruments.