Erhu – HongMei


Erhu – Hongmei Yu

Hongmei Yu, from the hometown of Erhu, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province,. Since her childhold, she started learning from national grade one erhu player Ronghua Li from Jiangsu Province. She had participated in many competitions and obtained the first best ten and top 10 distigushed awarded. In 2003 She obtained the national level of national instrumental music performance Grade ten and in 2014, she combined the erhu features and western classical pop music, and published a personal album “Erhu Fantasy”. The reason she like Erhu since childhood was because its sound charm and its rich expression of emotion. Erhu sound comes from its essential characteristics, simple, mellowand deep and is similar to Western instruments such as the violin can not be reflected. But the erhu basic sound only through technical means, according to the needs of music, after a variety of kneading technology, in order to make it plays the expression of emotion, reflecting the beauty of artistic connotation. She is constantly asking herself in this regard, with a view to efforts to inherit the erhu predecessors master of artistic achievement.