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Studying in Australia

Secondary education is mostly co-education, however there are boys only and girl’s only schools/colleges. The latter are private and fees will be applicable

Study in Australia is the official Australian government web site for international students. Whether you’re at Secondary School, looking for a University Course, or looking for some other kind of education, Study In Australia is a great place to find the information you’re after.

Studying in Melbourne

Study Melbourne is a great information source about the study options in Victoria’s capital city, Melbourne. All of your questions about secondary schools, TAFEs and universities, studying English and the courses that are available can be answered here.

A great guide to studying at all levels in the city of Melbourne, Victoria’s capital city.


Living in Victoria

The Victorian Government’s Live in Victoria website is specifically for people who are thinking about immigrating to Victoria to live, work or study. It provides a range of information about living in Victoria, migrating to Victoria and employment for migrants.

If you’re an international student and you’re thinking of staying in Victoria after you finish your studies here, Live in Victoria’s International Graduates page is a good resource.