Erhu Training

You are welcome to learn two-Strings Violin

1.The Teaching Level

We teach in accordance with the Chinese Conservatory of Music textbook system and with reference to the elderly and children’s erhu professional skill from grade one to ten.

2.Teacher profile

– Richard Ng is the founder of River Arts Inc. He was a Chinese viola player in the former Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

– Yu Hongmei was from the Jiangsu province and learn erhu from the famous national erhu performer when was young. She participated in many competitions at Jiangsu Province, achieving the new contest top ten and in 2003 obtained the national level of instrumental music performance grade ten.

– Fu Runlin has served at China’s Shanghai lily flower orchestra and now a music director of River Arts. Third, teaching characteristics

3. Teaching characteristics

River Arts’ teacher develops appropriate and flexible teaching method to avoid poor and monotonous exercises. Different ages and interest of students will be guided and supported to participate in our regular rehearsals through the River Chinese Band performance platform. Our teaching method increase students’ learning pleasure and for those students who have achieved good academic performance, they can be directly recruited into the River Chinese Band’s music performer.

4. Erhu Class Venue/Time/Fee

It is scheduled for one hour per week per class on every Saturday at the following:

Class Venue: 6 Mount Street Glen Waverley 3150. (Mount Street NHH)

Class time: Saturday (10am-11am) for the junior classes

Saturday (11am-12pm) for the intermediate class.


For beginner class at $ 30 per lesson (one hour) and $ 35 per lesson (one hour) for intermediate class