Nanyang University Melbourne Donors


Professor Ng Yew Kwang (黄有光教授)

Professor Ng Yew Kwang graduated in 1965 in Bachelor of Commerce (Economic). He has retired from Monash University and with his wife has left Australia . He is now Winsemius Professor of Economics at Nanyang Technological University (since January 2013) in Singapore.

Professor Tan Ting Yuan (陈定远教授)

Professor Tan Ting Yuan graduated in 1968 in Bachelor of Commerce (Finance). He retired from Monash University in 2011 and took up as a guest lecturer in various Universities in China since 2012. He is now guest lecturer in XiaMeng University of China. He was a president and organiser of 2006 NU Allumi of Melbourne.

Professor Ang Kok Ping (洪国平教授)

Professor Ang Kok Ping graduated in 1961 in Bachelor of Art (Geography). He was a Head of Faculity of Art, he left Singapore Nanyang University in 1982 and took up a librarian head in Darwin Australia. He retired in Melbourne with 3 grandchildren

Low Qing Ci (刘增钦)

Low Qing Ci graduated in 1967 with a Bachelor of Commerce. He is a managing director of Opal gate.

Tan Yong Seng (陈勇成)

Tan Yong Seng graduated in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science (Computer).

Richard Ng

Richard Ng (吴晋伐) graduate diploma of Divinity in Melbourne School of Theology on 24/11/2014 In 1979, graduated with a Bachelor degree of Commerce (Accountancy). He was a Practicing Certified Public Accountant from 1987 to 2007 and a non practicing CPA of Australia and worked in the Australian Taxation Office since 1990 till 1994 as a Tax Auditor and Tax Prosecutor. He was a founder of River Jiang Arts Inc. and is a Chinese Viola player.