Why learn Music

Why learn music?

1. Learning music can enhance the child’s sensibility, intelligence and responsiveness

Music education has a unique role, which is not available in other disciplines. The greatest feature of music is through the wonderful notes to stimulate students’ thinking, the child can according to their own imagination to interpret their own music, so learning music can have a great help to improve the intelligence and the brain in all aspects. Learning music can also make the child’s attention to be improved accordingly, the coordinated use of the brain and the hand can improve the ability of students to respond. In short, learning music can make the growth of children in great benefits and significant impact, which has been widely recognized by educators and child psychologists.

2.Continued pursuit of music is more able to cultivate the child’s perseverance

Music is the art of sound performance, giving endless imagination and wonderful senses and psychological enjoyment. Music can encourage children to pursue and explore good things. In the process of learning music, children are guided to continue to strengthen their attention and cultivate their perseverance perseverance.

3. Music can regulate emotions, cultivate emotional thinking and sublimation of spiritual realm

Students can express their own feelings through music and can vent bad mood. Youth is the most vulnerable stage of the mood, if a child listen to some soothing melodious music, it will make him (her) spirit calm, emotional stability, psychological and temperament been greatly improved. Personally music play a beautiful repertoire and stimulate students active initiative. Children who learn music more likely to be warm and generous chat with people.

4. Music is the inspiration of life and the fun of life

Music is of great importance to people. Indeed, from ancient times to the present, the music is full of artistic charm of the voice of the world. So, music is for inspiration and enjoyment in life.