Music Scholarship

Music Scholarship

•  Some outstanding schools in Melbourne offer music scholarships to students. It is based on the applicant’s academic performance in the scholarship examination and their performance in the audition of the instrument to decide whether to grant.

•  Applicants need to provide certain documents to support their applications. Applicants on the list can be invited to the interview and then further consider whether to grant a scholarship.

•  Music scholarships usually include tuition fees or a small portion of the tuition fee until the winner completes the 12th grade study. In addition, the scholarship includes all tuition fees for the trainee during the school study. The amount of the scholarship is generally reduced by up to 50% of the usual tuition fee. For courses offered at the school, the scholarship provides an additional 100% tuition fee for the specified instrumental training and 100% tuition reduction for the AMEB Theory Study Course (Group Lesson) until the winner completes the AMEB Level 5 Theory Lesson.


Students must attend the audition test:

• Performing a song with the main instrument (can have accompaniment)
• Ability to read a spectrum (provided a few days before the test spectrum)
• Hearing test (according to AMEB level)