River String Pastoral Training

1. Teaching characteristics

River String is the predecessor of River Arts, was established on July 16, 2004. Its initial activities focused on the training, cultural promotion, appreciation and enhancement of the erhu playing of Chinese folk instruments. At present the River String music teachers; Richard Ng, Fu Runlin, HongMei Yu, Bo Yuan and so on. All music teachers committed to the excellent training management and pastoral teaching for students. Different ages and different interests of students will be teach and guide in batches accordingly.

River String using a variety of teaching forms, to avoid boring, monotonous and increases interest. The teachers are constantly developing new teaching methods and formulating appropriate training courses. Its unique teaching methods and excellent teaching achievements have won high praise from all circles of the society, major media and the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne. Professor Zilei Tian of the China Central Conservatory of Music, Mr. Zitang Guo, an erhu performer of the Shanghai National Orchestra, and Huizhen Yu, a teacher of the Shanghai Film Orchestra, and many other musicians. River String has become the Melbourne Chinese national music designated art education and training base.

2. Performances

Since its inception, River String has been successfully held more than 30 indoor concerts; the number of students has been training more than 100. Through the River String rehearsal practice and performance platform, we guide students to participate in concert rehearsals and performances, so that they can eventually become a outstanding performer of River String.