Chinese Band



Chinese Bands, ranging from a few people up to twenty people, mainly to play the Chinese Traditional instruments.

The Chinese band’s four basic types of musical instruments used are based on the different tone principle and difference in timbre。It can be broadly classified as stringed instruments, plucked instruments, woodwind instruments and percussion.

《The Stringed instrument》 group roughly: erhu, zhonghu, banhu, gaohu lowhu etc. The modern Chinese folk Band often used other western cello and double bass stringed musical instruments in order to enrich the bass part of the band .

《The Plucked instrument》 groups generally are: pipa, sanxian, largeruan, zhongruan, liuqin, banjo, Chinese harp etc. Dulcimer instrument is attributed to the plucking instrument.

《Woodwind instrument》group roughly: suona, flute, pipes, vertical flute and so on.

《The Percussion》group generally are: drums, a large gong, small gong, cymbals and small wooden fish, etc. Western percussion drums and cymbals are also often used in Chinese folk instruments orchestra. Some ethnic origins of the band comes in the characteristics of Taoism instruments gongs.